Become a Licensed Skydiver…

Here at Skydive The Falls we offer the comprehensive AFP Program.

For those wishing to take to the skies with their own parachute, Skydive The Falls offers the Advanced Freefall Program. AFP is an accredited USPA training program designed to teach students how to skydive using various training methods throughout a structured course outline. You can complete the AFP program and jump your own parachute without assistance in as few as ten jumps.

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Starting with your first tandem skydive, you will work on various training objectives such as heading control, altitude awareness, basic body position and canopy control. Next, advance your skills with training tandems designed to give you more responsibility on the skydive while still attached to a certified professional who will accompany you and provide hands on training to better prepare you for your solo levels.

Upon successful completion of the tandem jumps, you will take an extensive ground training course designed to teach the knowledge and skills to necessary to complete a solo skydive. This comprehensive first jump course (FJC) typically takes about 6-8 hours to complete.

The next step in the AFP program is a series of seven “solo” skydiving levels or categories. During each of these jumps an instructor will accompany you in the sky while you jump wearing your own parachute. Radio assistance is provided during your canopy descent to guide you back to the landing area. Each level includes ground training, a “solo” skydive with an instructor and a post jump debrief. During your solo levels, you will be required to complete all of the training objectives of the current level before moving on or “passing” to the next.

By the time you complete the seventh level of the AFP program, you will be able to perform a variety of aircraft exits, basic freefall maneuvers and canopy control skills. You will also be able to answer general equipment questions with confidence.

After completing AFP you are cleared for self supervised solo freefall!

The next step is to learn to fly safely with other skydivers. You will continue on to our coaching program and complete additional training jumps in order to satisfy the requirements for an “A” class skydiving license from the United States Parachute Association (USPA).

Skydive The Falls is a United States Parachute Association (USPA) Group Member Parachute Center. Our USPA membership means that we uphold all of the safety regulations and standards set forth by the USPA and Federal Aviation Administration.

Skydiving is inherently a dangerous activity. As with other extreme sports there is inherent danger and sometimes, situations occur that are beyond human control. Given the unknown variables of man, nature, and machine there is no way to make these activities completely safe. With care it is possible to participate in these activities with reduced risk.

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